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Customer demand continues to increase at Taxicode

Published on 11 July 2014

Online Taxi booking network Taxicode are continuing to experience a rapid increase in customer demand, seeing an increase in visitors to their website of over 70% and bookings grow by 150% year on year.

This significant increase in customer demand can be attributed to the consumer trend in booking taxis online and via apps which is expected to help the growth of the business continue to accelerate with the website on target to hit 2 million visits this year.

It can also be attributed to the company’s unique position as the only online taxi booking website focussing on delivering a high quality local service for medium to long distance pre-booked fares. By diversifying in this way Taxicode are able to target their offer at a specific audience and differentiate from other online taxi booking websites who operate in the overcrowded high volume, short distance, I need a taxi right now bookings arena.

Managing Director Jonathan Kettle said "Competition in the UK for taxi hailing services is as intense as ever. At Taxicode we recognise two important factors, there is strong demand for online taxi bookings outside of London and not everybody wants to leave it to the very last minute to book a taxi."

"The reality is people much prefer a reliable, local service provided by local people. As the only online taxi booking website with the primary focus of generating a nationwide network of local, well established businesses Taxicode is well positioned to benefit from this demand."

"We work closely with the local taxi companies to ensure they benefit from the services we offer such as inclusion on our nationwide booking app, helping taxi firms to increase their daily bookings and gain more business customers and airport transfers."

Due to the rapid acceleration in growth, Taxicode are keen to speak to taxi companies from all areas to join their network. If you are looking to protect your business from the technology companies, secure the the long term future of your business and can offer a high quality local taxi service please contact us or visit (

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