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New centralised corporate taxi booking service from Taxicode helps businesses reign in unruly travel expenses

Published on 22 July 2014

Businesses who are struggling to effectively manage and monitor taxi travel expenses can now benefit from the new centralised booking service from Taxicode.

The UK's biggest online taxi network, Taxicode, has launched new accounts for business customers, enabling smoother taxi booking for businesses not just in the capital, but across the whole of the UK.

By creating an account with Taxicode, a business can benefit from having a single point of contact and a booking system that covers all journeys across the UK, as well as centralised management reporting. The Taxicode system displays results from multiple providers, enabling businesses to select, book and pay for the most cost effective taxi journey, rather than simply relying on a local firm with the most memorable number, who may not be providing the most competitive price.

"A centralised booking system for all the company's taxi travel, including all employees, customers, suppliers and visitors simply makes sense in terms of reducing the administration, time and potential additional cost associated with individuals booking taxis on an ad hoc basis. Taxicode displays results from all taxi firms willing to take on the job, giving a business total control over their taxi travel pot. What's more, it enables businesses to take a proactive approach to managing taxi travel expenses before they occur, rather than simply processing the receipt after the journey has been completed," explains Jonathan Kettle, founder of Taxicode.

Taxicode is free to use for businesses, who can access the web-based system at or the Taxicode app, which is available on Windows, iOS and Android platforms. As the only UK-wide service currently in operation, businesses with regional offices, or those with teams of remote staff, can effectively control their entire travel needs from their central Taxicode account.

"Taxicode is currently the only company that has the ability to work with all taxi companies, rather than just a few. We currently operate in over 400 towns covering approximately 95% of the UK population with over 10,000 taxis and mini cabs. As a result, we are able to give businesses unrivalled access to a network of taxi companies across the country," adds Jonathan.

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