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Internally funded startup Taxicode is celebrating after generating £10million worth of bookings last year, blazing past its rivals with unparalleled growth in the highly competitive online taxi-bookings market.

Published on 14 January 2015

Taxicode operates in over 400 towns covering approximately 95% of the UK with over 400 taxi and private hire companies. While other taxi-booking services operate solely through mobile apps and concentrate only on the London market, Taxicode offer greater versatility for customers and businesses, including travel agents and travel operators, by allowing users to book through either their web browser or mobile device in cities and towns across the UK. Unlike its rivals, which have sourced the majority of their finances externally, Taxicode has maintained an internally funded business plan, and have developed and grown naturally.

Taxicode’s year also included such milestones as:

  • The launch of the Taxicode app on iOS, Windows Phone and Android in May

  • An increase in visitors to the Taxicode website of over 70%, and an increase in bookings by 150% year on year

  • The introduction of a new centralised booking service for business clients in July

  • Joining UK travel trade association ABTA in October

  • Being named a winner of the O2 Smarta 100 Awards and the Good Web Guide Website of the Year Awards in the Startups category in November, as well as a nomination for the Internet Business Awards (winners announced 3rd March 2015)

Taxicode Co-founder and Director Jonathan Kettle said of his company’s year:

“Taxicode has mostly grown organically in the past 12 months, investing much of our time in creating new sales channels, releasing our app and finishing off our development of a new Taxicode Travel Portal for travel Agents and Travel Management companies, as well as completing our API for use by 3rd Party travel websites, among other things. It's been exciting watch our numbers surpass all the targets we'd set for ourselves. During 2014, we've found new ways to grow the business that other people have not even thought of yet, and we've also learned the importance of PR and publicity – it's not enough to just have a great product.

I’m very proud of how Taxicode has grown in 2014 and our position in the market. We've proven having big backers does not make you successful; our rivals are struggling to grow and none are turning a profit. We’ve proved our business model to be better, keeping our overheads much lower, making a profit and taking less from the taxi companies we work with. 2015 is going to be full of exciting announcements and product developments; I’m expecting Taxicode to at least double in size in the next year, and I also expect our rivals to start to follow our lead. While the taxi market will continue to be dominated by telephone bookings for now, the market for electronic taxi bookings will continue to grow strongly year on year.”

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Thanks to Taxicode, the UK's leading B2B ground transport comparison app and website, you can compare all your minicab, minibus, executive and coach hire options in a quick glance.

Taxicode works with over 1000 local suppliers in the UK, giving you lower prices and more choice than any other provider. With Taxicode you can book the ride for a single business traveller or a large group, either way, we will get you there cheaply and safely.

We have helped transport over 3 million business travellers over 45 million miles, generating over £40 million in revenue for our ground transport network of minicab, minibus, coach and executive companies. Taxicode has the most advanced cloud-based web and app booking platform for pre-booked ground transportation businesses in the industry.


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