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Taxicode secures over 500 minibus and coach bookings in first month of new service

Published on 22 January 2016

Taxicode’s new minibus and coach hire options are filling a much needed gap in the travel market, after the company saw an unprecedented level of bookings since they first launched the service at the beginning of December.

Online nationwide taxi-booking service Taxicode, which uniquely allows users to create bookings for up to 99 passengers, saw the new coach and minibus vehicle options accomplish upwards of 500 bookings in the first month since launching. Taxicode currently offers online comparison and booking for minicabs, executive cars, minibuses and coaches across the UK through its website and smartphone app, helping customers and businesses make informed decisions about their journeys and find the cheapest option possible.

Minibuses and coaches are heavily relied upon by sports bodies, charities, schools, universities, the elderly and many other segments of society – Taxicode bringing its unique comparison and online booking service to them represents a change in the industry, making travel even easier and more cost effective for more people across the country.

The success of Taxicode’s new vehicle options mirrors the steady growth of the company in recent years, with Taxicode generating £10 million worth of bookings in 2015. Taxicode has achieved high levels of growth whilst remaining entirely self-funded since its inception in 2010.

Taxicode Director and Co-founder, Jonathan Kettle, said of the company’s recent accomplishment:

“We’re incredibly proud of the success we’ve achieved at Taxicode, with the popularity of our new minibus and coach options as well as our recent growth as a company, but we never let it distract us from continuing to provide the best services we possibly can for customers and businesses alike.”

“Taxicode was the first company in the UK to provide national online taxi bookings, and is now ahead of the competition by delivering the same service for minibuses and coaches.”

For more information, please visit

Taxicode Launches Britain's First Minibus and Coach Price Comparison site

Published on 10 December 2015

Users of minibuses and coaches can now benefit from easier and cheaper bookings with the launch of the UK’s first nationwide comparison website.

Taxicode, the independent taxi and mini-cab booking service operating in every UK town and city, now offers a network of minibus and coach companies, comparing costs and availability in order to find the best deal at the touch of a button.

For the first time website users can book and pay for up to 99 passengers, with the system instantly calculating and comparing the most cost effective options from multiple providers.

Taxicode founder, Jonathan Kettle, said:

“This system eliminates the frustrating need to wait for traditional quote responses and ensures users receive the best prices possible.

A privately owned company, Taxicode, was the first to provide national online taxi bookings and is now ahead of the competition by delivering the same service for minibuses and coaches.

The UK minibus and coach industry is estimated to be worth over $3 billion, which puts into perspective the huge volume of people booking these modes of transport on a regular basis.

We will replicate our success with the mini-cab industry in this important sector, which is heavily relied upon by sports bodies, charities, schools, universities, the elderly and many other segments of society."

Throughout December all users will receive a £10 discount using the code SAVE10 on bookings over £100. Users of the site can simply log on to and anyone selecting more than six passengers will automatically be offered the best minibus or coach options on offer.

For more media information, please call Gosia Nocun at Taxicode on +44 7542207002 or Victoria Closs at IHC for Taxicode on +971 52323960

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Leading IT guru and startup mentor David Murray-Hundley takes up Board Advisor position at national taxi-booking business Taxicode.

Published on 21 January 2015

As one of the first IT Gurus to be part of the DotCom boom with CommerceOne and LinkedIn’s Business Leader of the Year 2010, David is bringing a wealth of knowledge and experience to Taxicode, the UK’s number one nationwide taxi-booking service. Taxicode operates in over 400 towns covering approximately 95% of the UK with over 400 taxi and private hire companies, and is in a crucial position in the market, showing impressive growth as a small startup competing successfully with larger international businesses on a UK-wide basis. The company is predicting David will help open new doors and push progress even further in 2015.

Taxicode Co-founder and Director Jonathan Kettle said:

"When I first met David I knew instantly that I wanted him to be part of the business going forward. He's very straight talking and down to earth, he understands business better than anybody else I've met and we're thrilled to have him as part of our team going forward."

David said of his appointment as Board Advisor at Taxicode:

“Who would have thought that getting a taxi could be one of the hot topics right now? I have particularly taken an interest Taxicode because of not only how the business has grown to a good size with over £10m bookings, it how it has done this organically, which is a rare thing these days. Now is the right time to scale the business while now also seeking outside investment and support to help accelerate that scale and window of opportunity."

David joins Taxicode at the end of a very exciting year; 2014 saw phenomenal growth for the company, including surpassing competitors by generating £10m worth of bookings, and the business has high aspirations for 2015, with several new products in the pipeline.

"The taxi tech sector is really hotting, up with companies like Uber and Lyft dominating the headlines, but you’ll definitely be seeing a lot more of Taxicode this year,”

said Jonathan Kettle, adding:

“It's an exciting time for the industry and you can be sure we will be playing a big part in its evolution."

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Internally funded startup Taxicode is celebrating after generating £10million worth of bookings last year, blazing past its rivals with unparalleled growth in the highly competitive online taxi-bookings market.

Published on 14 January 2015

Taxicode operates in over 400 towns covering approximately 95% of the UK with over 400 taxi and private hire companies. While other taxi-booking services operate solely through mobile apps and concentrate only on the London market, Taxicode offer greater versatility for customers and businesses, including travel agents and travel operators, by allowing users to book through either their web browser or mobile device in cities and towns across the UK. Unlike its rivals, which have sourced the majority of their finances externally, Taxicode has maintained an internally funded business plan, and have developed and grown naturally.

Taxicode’s year also included such milestones as:

  • The launch of the Taxicode app on iOS, Windows Phone and Android in May

  • An increase in visitors to the Taxicode website of over 70%, and an increase in bookings by 150% year on year

  • The introduction of a new centralised booking service for business clients in July

  • Joining UK travel trade association ABTA in October

  • Being named a winner of the O2 Smarta 100 Awards and the Good Web Guide Website of the Year Awards in the Startups category in November, as well as a nomination for the Internet Business Awards (winners announced 3rd March 2015)

Taxicode Co-founder and Director Jonathan Kettle said of his company’s year:

“Taxicode has mostly grown organically in the past 12 months, investing much of our time in creating new sales channels, releasing our app and finishing off our development of a new Taxicode Travel Portal for travel Agents and Travel Management companies, as well as completing our API for use by 3rd Party travel websites, among other things. It's been exciting watch our numbers surpass all the targets we'd set for ourselves. During 2014, we've found new ways to grow the business that other people have not even thought of yet, and we've also learned the importance of PR and publicity – it's not enough to just have a great product.

I’m very proud of how Taxicode has grown in 2014 and our position in the market. We've proven having big backers does not make you successful; our rivals are struggling to grow and none are turning a profit. We’ve proved our business model to be better, keeping our overheads much lower, making a profit and taking less from the taxi companies we work with. 2015 is going to be full of exciting announcements and product developments; I’m expecting Taxicode to at least double in size in the next year, and I also expect our rivals to start to follow our lead. While the taxi market will continue to be dominated by telephone bookings for now, the market for electronic taxi bookings will continue to grow strongly year on year.”

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Taxicode, the UK’s only nationwide taxi-booking service, was named the winner of the Startups category at last night’s Good Web Guide Website of the Year Awards 2014.

Published on 18 November 2014

Taxicode Director Jonathan Kettle commented on the win, saying: "Everyone at Taxicode is incredibly proud of this award. We’ve put in a lot of work to get to where we are now, and it’s recognition like this that really makes it feel worth it. There was a lot of tough competition, with some amazing companies in the running, and we felt honoured just to be nominated amongst them! 2014 has been an incredible year for Taxicode, and we can’t wait to see what 2015 will have in store."

Taxicode came up against fierce competition in the Startupus category, sponsored by Boss, from online shopping service Flubit and social commerce fashion platform Modafirma. The overall Website of the Year title was awarded to online investment management service Nutmeg. The category winners and Website of the Year winner were announced last night, Monday 17th November, by Xenios Thrasyvoulou of PeoplePerHour at the Awards Reception, which took place at The Royal Institution of Great Britain, London.

The GWG Awards judges had a huge number of websites to test in order to find the very best websites of the year, with entries covering a very diverse range of subjects and markets. One of the judges, Seedcamp co-founder Reshma Sohoni, commented on Taxicode’s victory, saying: "As an advocate for business transparency, Taxicode's Coverage Map really impressed me. There would be nothing more frustrating than going through the booking process to find there are no cars to accommodate your journey. Their coverage map prevents that frustration from occurring."

For more information about Taxicode visit

For more information about The Good Web Guide Website of the Year Awards visit

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Nationwide taxi-booking service Taxicode has been shortlisted in the Startups category of the Good Web Guide’s Website of the Year Awards 2014.

Published on 04 November 2014

Taxicode, the only taxi-booking service operating across throughout the UK, is now also in the running to be named the overall Website of the Year at the award ceremony later this month. Taxicode is one of three companies competing to win the Startup category, and the public also have the opportunity to vote for their favourite site through the People’s Choice.

Taxicode Director Jonathan Kettle commented on the news, saying: "Everyone at Taxicode is very proud to be included in the Good Web Guide Awards shortlist. All of the companies included are incredibly exciting and inspiring, and it is a great honour to be among them. 2014 has been an incredible year for Taxicode, with our smartphone app launching earlier this year and some incredible opportunities arising, including the company recently joining UK travel trade association ABTA. We’re always looking to evolve and innovate the business, and we can’t wait to see what 2015 will have in store."

The judges of The GWG Awards 2014 have had a huge number of brilliant websites to test over the last few weeks, in order to find the very best websites of the year. The entries have covered a very diverse range of subjects, and it has taken a great deal of work to sort them down into the final few. One of the GWG Awards judges, Michelle Carvill, said: "It's been great to uncover some fabulously innovative services I didn't even know existed!"

The category winners and overall Website of the Year will be announced by Xenios Thrasyvoulou of PeoplePerHour at the Awards Reception on Monday 17th November, at The Royal Institution of Great Britain, Albemarle Street, W1, London.

Voting for the People’s Choice closes at midday, Monday 17th November. You can vote for Taxicode here:

The full GWG Website of the Year Awards shortlist can be found here:

In October, Taxicode was named a winner of the 2014 O2 Smarta 100 Awards, which recognise the savviest, supremely disruptive, most resourceful and socially-beneficial small businesses in the UK.

Each of the nominated companies are now competing to be named the best in their category, with one business going on to be named the overall O2 Smarta 100 Business of the Year, winning a £10,000 prize. Taxicode are nominated in the Mobile Business of the Year award.

The O2 Smarta 100 Awards final takes place on Thursday 13 November at RIBA, 66 Portland Place in Central London.

o find out more about the O2 Smarta Awards visit

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Taxicode named as winner of O2 SMARTA 100 Best British Small Business Award!

Published on 06 October 2014

Taxi-booking company Taxicode are named one of the UK's 100 most dynamic and innovative small businesses

  • Hampshire based taxi-booking company Taxicode named as a Smarta 100 winner
  • Quotes from Ben Dowd and Shaa Wasmund below
  • The competition: The UK's most well-known small business awards
  • The judges: Ben Dowd (O2 Business), Shaa Wasmund (Smarta), Gary Turner (Xero), Paul Lindley (Ella's Kitchen), Eamon Fitzgerald (Naked Wines), Al Gosling (Extreme Group), Charlie Mullins (Pimlico Plumbers), Lynne Franks (B.Hive), Polly Gowers (Give As You Live), Martin McCourt (Montagu), Matt Thomas (Smarta)
  • VOTING LIVE for £10,000 top prize 'O2 Smarta 100 Business of the Year' and O2 Business proudly announce that Hampshire based business Taxicode is a winner of the 2014 O2 Smarta 100, the ultimate index of the UK's savviest, supremely disruptive, most resourceful and socially-beneficial small businesses.

As well as Taxicode, the Smarta 100 awards recognise different businesses in a wide range of fields, from frozen yogurt to exotic tours, peer to peer money transfer systems to cancer research. The awards are designed to celebrate business across the UK and recognise emerging companies and markets.

Each of the companies are now competing to be named the best in their category, with one business going on to be named the overall O2 Smarta 100 Business of the Year, winning a £10,000 prize. Taxicode are nominated in the Mobile Business of the Year award.

In total, 2014's Smarta 100 are generating revenues of over £70million a year and employing more than 640 people. More than a quarter are female-run businesses and half are self-funded, with just 5% borrowing from a bank. 35% have taken angel, private equity or VC funding. The oldest company founder is 56; the two youngest are just teenagers at 19.

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National taxi-booking service Taxicode joins UK travel trade association ABTA

Published on 01 October 2014

Taxicode, Hampshire – UK taxi-booking service Taxicode have joined ABTA as they expand their service to offer customers the best travel options possible.

Taxicode, who operate in over 400 towns covering approximately 95% of the UK with over 10,000 taxis and minicabs, are now able to offer their wide range of taxi services to ABTA partners for people travelling into, and out of, the UK.

ABTA, formally known as the Association of British Travel Agents, is a travel trade association for tour operators and travel agents. Taxicode pride themselves on being airport transfer specialists, ensuring customers get their flight on time, and it is this dedication to providing the best travel service possible to their users makes them the perfect match for ABTA.

While other taxi-booking services operate solely through mobile apps and concentrate only on the London market, Taxicode offer greater versatility for customers and businesses, including travel agents and travel operators, by allowing users to book through either their web browser or mobile device across the UK.

With ABTA, Taxicode are looking to begin working with more travel agents and travel companies across the country. By expanding their operations throughout ABTA’s network of members, Taxicode can offer their valuable, high-quality service to more customers than ever before, and as a result improve the services that travel agents can offer.

Jonathan Kettle, Founder and Director of Taxicode, said:

"We understand the importance of timely travel when it comes to delivering a great travel experience which is why we are delighted to now be working with ABTA and their members. We are very excited to become part of such a vast network of brilliant travel companies, and we can’t wait to start creating a range of mutually beneficial opportunities to enhance the customer travel experience."

Taxicode also recently sponsored the Travel Company of the Year award at the Travel Trade Gazette Travel Awards 2014. The ceremony, which took place on Monday 15th September, saw the top names in travel vying for a range of different accolades, sponsored by other high-profile names such as P&O Cruises, Birmingham Airport, Visit England and Expedia TAAP.

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New centralised corporate taxi booking service from Taxicode helps businesses reign in unruly travel expenses

Published on 22 July 2014

Businesses who are struggling to effectively manage and monitor taxi travel expenses can now benefit from the new centralised booking service from Taxicode.

The UK's biggest online taxi network, Taxicode, has launched new accounts for business customers, enabling smoother taxi booking for businesses not just in the capital, but across the whole of the UK.

By creating an account with Taxicode, a business can benefit from having a single point of contact and a booking system that covers all journeys across the UK, as well as centralised management reporting. The Taxicode system displays results from multiple providers, enabling businesses to select, book and pay for the most cost effective taxi journey, rather than simply relying on a local firm with the most memorable number, who may not be providing the most competitive price.

"A centralised booking system for all the company's taxi travel, including all employees, customers, suppliers and visitors simply makes sense in terms of reducing the administration, time and potential additional cost associated with individuals booking taxis on an ad hoc basis. Taxicode displays results from all taxi firms willing to take on the job, giving a business total control over their taxi travel pot. What's more, it enables businesses to take a proactive approach to managing taxi travel expenses before they occur, rather than simply processing the receipt after the journey has been completed," explains Jonathan Kettle, founder of Taxicode.

Taxicode is free to use for businesses, who can access the web-based system at or the Taxicode app, which is available on Windows, iOS and Android platforms. As the only UK-wide service currently in operation, businesses with regional offices, or those with teams of remote staff, can effectively control their entire travel needs from their central Taxicode account.

"Taxicode is currently the only company that has the ability to work with all taxi companies, rather than just a few. We currently operate in over 400 towns covering approximately 95% of the UK population with over 10,000 taxis and mini cabs. As a result, we are able to give businesses unrivalled access to a network of taxi companies across the country," adds Jonathan.

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Customer demand continues to increase at Taxicode

Published on 11 July 2014

Online Taxi booking network Taxicode are continuing to experience a rapid increase in customer demand, seeing an increase in visitors to their website of over 70% and bookings grow by 150% year on year.

This significant increase in customer demand can be attributed to the consumer trend in booking taxis online and via apps which is expected to help the growth of the business continue to accelerate with the website on target to hit 2 million visits this year.

It can also be attributed to the company’s unique position as the only online taxi booking website focussing on delivering a high quality local service for medium to long distance pre-booked fares. By diversifying in this way Taxicode are able to target their offer at a specific audience and differentiate from other online taxi booking websites who operate in the overcrowded high volume, short distance, I need a taxi right now bookings arena.

Managing Director Jonathan Kettle said "Competition in the UK for taxi hailing services is as intense as ever. At Taxicode we recognise two important factors, there is strong demand for online taxi bookings outside of London and not everybody wants to leave it to the very last minute to book a taxi."

"The reality is people much prefer a reliable, local service provided by local people. As the only online taxi booking website with the primary focus of generating a nationwide network of local, well established businesses Taxicode is well positioned to benefit from this demand."

"We work closely with the local taxi companies to ensure they benefit from the services we offer such as inclusion on our nationwide booking app, helping taxi firms to increase their daily bookings and gain more business customers and airport transfers."

Due to the rapid acceleration in growth, Taxicode are keen to speak to taxi companies from all areas to join their network. If you are looking to protect your business from the technology companies, secure the the long term future of your business and can offer a high quality local taxi service please contact us or visit (

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First UK-wide taxi booking app - Taxicode - launches across three platforms

Published on 14 May 2014 Taxicode App - Available on iPhone, Android and Windows Phone.

Taxicode’s app, launched simultaneously for iPhone, Android and Windows, allows travellers throughout the country to tap into an extensive network of taxi firms and browse and book their taxi to and from any destination.

Jonathan Kettle, Taxicode’s Managing Director, believes the self-funded app will radically alter the dynamic of the taxi booking market:

"London is well serviced by apps like Hailo and Kabbee, but outside of the capital, the landscape changes dramatically. Until now, there hasn’t been a taxi app that helps service the needs of travellers in the other 1500 towns across the UK, which is one factor making the Taxicode app so useful.

"The app was the logical next step for our already highly successful national taxi network operation which first launched in 2012. Taxicode is currently the only company with the ability to work with all taxi companies, rather than just a few. We currently operate in over 400 towns covering approximately 95 per cent of the UK population with over 10,000 taxis and mini cabs. This gives the Taxicode app an unrivalled position as the only nationwide taxi booking app."

The service will display quotes from hundreds of rated and reviewed taxi companies, enabling the user to book and pay for the taxi in a matter of seconds. Users will also be able to track their bookings and rely upon a money back guarantee for unsatisfactory service for added peace of mind.

Due to the effective pricing system and reliability on longer distance, advanced bookings, it is most popular with business travellers and holidaymakers making the airport run. The app doesn’t favour local or preferential taxi firms, but instead searches and displays prices from any approved firms within the journey’s boundaries, enabling users of the app to find the most competitive price and highly rated service for their travel.

Jonathan explained the unusual step of launching the app as the first to be available for iPhone, Android and Windows devices.

"We decided to release the app across all three platforms to again demonstrate our inclusivity across our UK client base. Windows now has around 10 per cent of the UK mobile market share and its devices are popular with business people, which is a particularly important market for us."

The app is free to download and can be downloaded here: iTunes / Google Play / Windows

Download as PDF Download As Microsoft Word releases new updates to improve offer to customer

Published on 21 February 2014

Online taxi fare comparison website have added new features to their website to help make it easier for users when to comparing taxi fares.

The most significant update is the addition of a reliability score for each taxi firm so customers can see at a glance the dependability of the taxi companies they are considering and be reassured they are booking with a taxi company that offers consistent levels of customer service.

This score, which is calculated by combining four different metrics including a customer feedback rating, is unique to and part of a continued package of developments which are aimed at making comparing and booking taxis online an easy and stress-free process.

Managing Director Jonathan Kettle “When booking a taxi reliability is paramount and one of the top considerations of our customers when deciding which taxi firm to make a booking with. We felt that by adding our innovative reliability score to we have made it easier for our customers to make a decision when trying to choose one taxi firm over another.”

Other features that have been added to the site include a new and improved layout of the search results and the ability to sort results by reliability, price and feedback. launched in 2011 with the aim of bringing the benefits of the internet to the taxi industry and currently has a network of over 350 Private Hire and Taxi partners across the UK.

Taxi Price Comparison result with reliability score.
A search result displaying a reliability score of 10/10.

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Increase in online taxi bookings driven by consumer trend towards price comparison websites.

Published on 14 February 2014

Online taxi fare comparison website has seen month on month increases in online bookings assisted by the consumer trend towards using price comparison sites.

The website enables users to enter their journey details and receive instant prices from a number of Private hire and Taxi firms which are then ranked by price, number of reviews and highest customer feedback rating.

Managing Director, Jonathan Kettle said “Since the economic downturn everyone is looking at ways to save money.”

“People have been using price comparison sites for large purchases such as holidays and insurance for many years. This awareness has now filtered down to smaller purchases such as taxi services and we at are positioned to take advantage of this trend with our website.”

Month on month has seen accelerated growth in online bookings and is expecting to reach half a million visitors during 2014. The website is now looking to grow its network of Private Hire and Taxi partners across the UK.

Jonathan added “We have noticed an increase in comparisons for all journey types but in particular higher value fares such as airport transfers. We expect this trend to continue throughout January and February as we benefit from people booking holidays in the New Year and looking to secure the best price for their transfers.”

“To help us cope with the extra demand we are offering free membership to to all Taxi and Private Hire companies during February. This offer can be redeemed by visiting our website and entering voucher code “PHTM12” when signing up.” launched in 2011 with the aim of bringing the benefits of the internet to the taxi industry and currently has a network of over 350 Private Hire and Taxi partners across the UK.

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Taxicode to offer 100% Money Back Guarantee on all online bookings.

Published on 02 September 2013

Taxicode to offer 100% Money Back Guarantee on all online bookings. Online taxi services provider Taxicode have announced today that they are to offer all customers a 100% satisfaction guarantee on bookings made online with their network of taxi and private hire firms.

Taxicode, which provides website and lead generation services for over 300 taxi companies across the UK is the first to offer this guarantee to its customers and will provide a full refund to any customer who is not 100% happy with the service they receive.

Managing director Jonathan Kettle said "We strongly believe in the quality service our network of highly experienced taxi and private hire companies offers and are delighted to rollout this guarantee to customers."

"It is one of the many and ongoing improvements we are making to our offer and whilst the number of online bookings we take continues to grow the addition of our money back guarantee will only assist with this, giving customers more confidence to book online."

He added "We are constantly updating our system to ensure we support our partners in growing their businesses and have lots more exciting developments to reveal in the coming months which will help them stand out from the competition.

"The unique Taxicode system was launched in 2011 and provides approved taxi firms with web services including website development, an online quotation and booking system and marketing assistance.

To find out more visit

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Taxi Price Compare Site Launched

Published on 28 January 2013

We have some exciting news. Today Taxicode are pleased to announce the UK's first real-time taxi price comparison site Taxi Price Compare promises to be an exciting new development for the taxi industry in 2013 as people increasingly look to book and compare taxi prices online. Price comparison is becoming a massive industry as we all know from the endless TV commercials from the likes of Compare The Market, Go Compare and Money Supermarket. We all want to know we are getting the best deal and we are prepared to shop around for the best price and the taxi industry is no exception to this.

Taxi Price Compare uses the ever increasing vast pricing database of the Taxicode network to find and achieve the best price for any given journey. Inclusion in this website is free for all Taxicode partners and it gives Taxicode and its partners a distinct competitive advantage over their competition. Over the coming weeks and months we will be testing the system and increasing the marketing and advertising activities to attract more customers to book online on the Taxicode network. We will be initially starting with a test phase which will run for 4 to 8 weeks to allow us to iron out any bugs.

We've also brought our new taxi comparison engine to airports across the uk. You can see them all from here.

Taxi Price Comparison website screenshot.
One of the new sites: London Heathrow Airport Taxis

Taxicode online bookings fast approach £1 million per year.

Published on 13 July 2012

Taxicode, the UK's largest online taxi booking and lead generation system, has announced today its online booking system is fast approaching the £1 million worth of bookings per year mark.  Telephone enquiries across the network to partners are now in excess of 35,000 calls per month and email enquiries are well in excess of 1000.  Taxicode and its partners have continued to weather the tough economic conditions in the UK, and Taxicode has continued to develop its system and outperform its competitors.

Managing Director, Jonathan Kettle, commented: "Our online booking engine is performing incredibly well with record booking numbers month on month. Increasingly we are seeing more journeys booked online as people's confidence in online taxi transactions grow.  We are aiming for 100% growth year on year with our online bookings and we are now proving this is more than achievable. Our taxi network is now well established and our partners have performed excellently".

The Taxicode system has received regular upgrades this year with almost one upgrade or new feature each week.  Jonathan added, "We work hard to ensure that our customers needs are well understood and this helps us to evolve and grow.  We have big plans for the future and we would encourage taxi companies to contact us now, to ensure that if we have a gap in our network they're the company to fill it.  We've always been very busy in the background making the system perform better and adding more features for end users and our partners.  But we've still got lots more to come, our roadmap is full of great ideas and there are some real game changers in there. Partners who are with us now stand to benefit the most as we operate exclusively with one in each area, being with Taxicode gives them an enormous advantage over their competitors."

Taxicode continues to work hard to help the taxi industry embrace the ever changing online world and to ensure its effect is a positive one.  We have all observed  the more traditional methods of advertising fade away and it's increasingly important that taxi companies find the right advertising medium for their business. Taxicode is by far the best value system in the UK, because at a fraction of the cost of just an online directory listing with other well known providers, a Taxicode partner benefits from a bespoke website built specifically for the taxi industry, with highly sophisticated lead generation system and automated weekly payments.

When it comes to advertising online there really is only one choice.

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We have helped transport over 3 million business travellers over 45 million miles, generating over £40 million in revenue for our ground transport network of minicab, minibus, coach and executive companies. Taxicode has the most advanced cloud-based web and app booking platform for pre-booked ground transportation businesses in the industry.


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